I spent my 2013, for the most part, just waiting for 2014 to roll around. Essentially, waiting for a digit to tick over. It wasn't a bad year, but it was the most forgettable year in ages. It was, in truth, coming off the back of one of the most enjoyable and challenging (in a good way) years. It might not be a fair comparison, but everything is relative.

The sort of year that you forget you have a blog. And when you do remember, you realise you have nothing to post. (Hence the uptick in game posts.)

This guy above, however, has managed to capture one second of video per day, and edited into something that makes it look like it wasn't entirely soul-crushingly tedious - for at least a second per day. Of course, he went from a soul-crushingly tedious job to the soul-crushingly stressful world of television comedy writing (and acting). Still, what a jerk.

So for me 2013 wasn't even worth the 6 minutes it'd compress down to. Although, that's not completely fair. I had some good times, and very few bad times. It just wasn't memorable, it wasn't FOMO, it was N(ot)W(orried)OMO. (I'll never do that again, I promise.)

So 2014, on the other hand, is - if I can call it this early in February - clearly shaping up much better. I'm in a new job that requires me to spend less time playing Robot Unicorn Attack 2 (although, I do spend less time in shorts). I spend less time driving there as it's almost in the same suburb as me. Google Now still delightfully notifies me that my trip will take me one minute less than yesterday due to lighter-than-usual traffic. (And just as well, because my car will take one minute longer to start.)

The Japan trip (more to come on this, probably) was a ridiculously packed week, full of stories, some of which can't published. I both ate with chopsticks, and spoke of kangaroo meat, on Japanese TV. I discovered that the way to feel most like a foreigner is to do the most Japanese thing you could possibly do. I got black out drunk in Kabukicho (and still only came home with the second best story of the night). I did not sleep all week. And I loved every minute - nay, second - of it.

Will the rest of the year be as fun? Probably not. Could my liver handle that anyway? Probably not. It doesn't really matter, it's already cleared the bar. So, 2013, thanks for that. You lowered the bar. And here's to 2014.

Oh hang on, where did this drink come from?
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Posted 10 weeks ago